These are new lands, with new rules. Civilization and prosperity are words from a forgotten age. You are the chosen, my lord, to restore hope, to end the fire, war and death!
01Your name will be spread
It’s a new world out there, full of wide open spaces and virgin lands – neither of which will help you defeat your enemies! Cut it all down and plow it all under as you work to build an empire!
  • Woodmill
    Lumber Mills are where Lumber is produced and stored before collection.
  • Iron Mine
    Iron Mines are where Iron is produced and stored before collection.
  • Farm
    Farms are where Grain is produced and stored before collection.
  • Silver Mine
    Silver Mines are where Silver is produced and stored before collection.
02To be kind…or not
Construct a mighty fortress. Manage a mightier empire. Train the…uhhhh…mightiest army! Then what to do? Do what you always do. Try to take over the world!
  • Spiked Catapult
    Watch out for this monster damage dealer on the battlefield...
  • Battering Ram
    Bash down enemy gates and start the attack!
  • Castle Lv. 18
    Upgrade the Castle to unlock new buildings and functions.
  • Castle Lv. 25
    The Castle is the core building of your empire.
03Betray allies and join rivals
There’s only one rule – kill or be killed…oh, and have fun. Wait, is that 2 rules? Plunder resources from friends and enemies, build your empire, and trump the competition!
  • Scimitar Warrior
    Their fearsome blade makes them very effective defenders.
  • Ranger
    They are very effective against bowmen and archers.
  • Imperial Cavalry
    Battle-hardened units who take their orders from the King.
  • Caravan
    Troops need supplies. This unit carries huge loads of cargo.
Create an unstoppable alliance and fight with friends from all over the world to conquer the land! Through victory, write the history of the age!